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Callidus Web Projects

If web design or web application, if e-commerce or a web projects within your organisation, Callidus Solutions will provide you with a competitive and efficient way to take advangage on the latest web technologies. read more

Callidus Business Consulting

The right choice for your IT Infrastructure, a conceptual approach to your Marketing Strategy or an objective outside view on your business venture might be the right way for your organisation to cut costs before they arise. Callidus Solutions is determind to carefully analyse all aspects of your organisation, create an customised action plan and succesfully implement it in your organisation   read more

Callidus Careers

Are you looking for a challenging career in fastly growing and rapidly changing industry? Do you not only have the skills to work with the latest technologies and tools but also the motivation to daily develop your own market worth? If yes, join the Callidus Solutions Team.   read more


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